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Carpet Cleaning Services for Apartments in Queens

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We provide unparalleled carpet cleaning services tailored specifically for apartments in Queens. Our team specializes in cleaning jobs ranging from removing bad smell from carpets to advanced carpet cleaning, offering the best solution for every unique need.

Detailed Cost and Time Table

To give you a clearer idea, we’ve broken down our services, their associated costs, and the approximate time taken for each:

Service Cost in Queens Time to Complete
Advanced Carpet Cleaning $100-$150 2-3 Hours
Odor Removal $50-$100 1-2 Hours
Rug Cleaning $70-$130 2-3 Hours
Steam Carpet Cleaning $100-$150 2-3 Hours
Water Damage Repair $150-$200 3-4 Hours

Why Choose Our Carpet Cleaning Services

We offer more than just cleaning services. We provide peace of mind. You’re not just another client to us. We consider the unique aspects of your apartment, your lifestyle, and your personal preferences when devising a cleaning plan. Furthermore, our professional carpet cleaning services have been recognized throughout Queens, from Belle Harbor to Arverne.

Service Areas

We serve the entirety of Queens, including but not limited to:

  • Belle Harbor
  • Rockaway Park
  • Edgemere
  • Hammels
  • Arverne

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take for the carpet to dry after cleaning?

Carpet drying time may vary based on the method used and the carpet’s thickness. On average, it takes approximately 6-10 hours. For more details, please visit our blog post on how long does it take carpet to dry after cleaning.

Can you handle area rug cleaning?

Yes, we specialize in area rug cleaning. Whether it’s a standard or Persian rug cleaning job, we have the expertise to handle it.

Can you get rid of pet odors in carpets?

Absolutely! We have a comprehensive pet owner’s guide to carpet cleaning, and our odor removal service is specifically designed to eliminate pet odors.

Do you offer couch cleaning services?

Yes, we do offer couch cleaning services. We use safe and effective cleaning products to provide a fresh and clean couch.


In conclusion, our comprehensive carpet cleaning services are designed to cater to every unique need you might have. From odor removal to water damage repair, we handle everything to provide a wholesome experience. Make the smart choice today. Contact us for top-notch carpet cleaning services in Queens. Let’s work together to make your apartment the clean and comfortable place it deserves to be.

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